Five Tips to Keep in Mind when Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring for Her

When it comes to engagement rings, you want to get it right. An engagement ring symbolizes the bond you have with the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with. That is why you must spend time doing your homework before making the final purchase. The buying process is a unique experience itself and even if you can get advice from your friends who have been before, you want to come up with a unique piece for your love. When shopping for an engagement ring, keep the following tips in mind:

Do your Research

When researching, focus on the diamond characteristics and you fiancée’s preferences. When you walk into a jewelry shop and hear about many options, you can feel overwhelmed. That is why you must know about jewelry names and terms. A great jeweler should be able to walk you through the buying process with ease and help you understand your options. However, you also have to take the time to understand what she wants.

Pay Close Attention to the Cut

Of the 4 C’s of diamonds, the cut is the most essential. The cut determines the spark of the diamond. Sure, you want to give the love of your life a brilliant ring. You must understand that even perfect clarity and color could not look good with a poor cut. Choose the best cut from a collection of bijoux Myel.

Don’t Think It is about the Diamond Size

Sure, you want to give her a large diamond. However, you must compare diamonds of different sizes side-by-side. When you look at a 0.9 carat diamond, you will notice that it is identical to a 1-carat diamond. There is really no big deal. After all, once you propose and give her the ring, she will be too surprised and happy to pay attention to the diamond size.

Focus on the Setting

A lot of jewelry buyers concentrate on the diamond itself. However, you must know that the setting reflects her personal style. Indeed, a lot of brides-to-be consider the ring’s overall size as the most important. A number of women love the classic solitaire setting but you can consider other settings such as halo, diamond accents, and 3-stone.

Understand the Precious Metals

Picking an engagement ring includes more than stone. You need to also understand the different precious metals that include platinum and gold. With gold, you also have various options such as white, yellow, and rose gold. The most famous choices are 18-karat and 14-karat gold. If she has metal sensitivity, it is best to give her an 18-karat gold ring.