7 Accessories to Consider When You Invest in a Tailor-Made Suit

For whatever reason that you need a suit tailor-made for you, it is important to think about how you can get the most use out of this fashion investment. Any item of clothing that’s made with you specifically in mind should be worn often.

One of the ways to ensure the functional mileage of your top quality suit a Columbus, Ohio haberdasher says is to invest in or purchase a few smart accessories that can easily switch up the style of the ensemble, be it worn as a complete set or as separates.

World famous stylists recommend the following seven accessories if you wish to wear the heck out of your tailor-made suit, and also to let your personality shine.

1. Pocket square or pocket handkerchief

Using a pocket square or handkerchief will provide a nice pop of color to the ensemble. A bright-colored pocket square shows that you can be a little playful with style.

It’s worth mentioning, too, that just switching up the pocket square can automatically make your outfit occasion-appropriate. For example, if you will be attending a wedding whose color motif is fuchsia, you can wear your trusty bespoke suit and just slip in a fuchsia handkerchief in the breast pocket of your jacket. This is the easiest way to make your outfit occasion-compliant and it will not even cost you a lot.

2. A waistcoat or vest

This is a fantastic layering piece for any suit. It can also improve the fit of the entire ensemble because a waistcoat can smooth out your dress shirt. Plus, it has a bit of old world appeal. So if you want to give your suit a vintage vibe, the first accessory to consider is a vest or waistcoat.

3. Cufflinks

These suit jewels are nothing flashy. But, they can bring a whole look together by making sure your cuffs look nice. Cufflinks are perfect to wear for formal occasions such as proms and weddings. Plus, you can keep them for a long time and pass them down to your children one day.

4. Ties

There are actually a large variety of ties to choose from if you want to give your suit a totally new look. You may be most familiar with the apron necktie because it is the most commonly worn type these days. It comes in so many colors, designs, or patterns. Second to the apron tie in popularity is the bow tie, which is often worn to formal events.

But, are you aware of the ascot, cravat, and hunting stock? It takes a true fashionista and gentleman to effectively pull these special ties off. You can opt for these tie styles to further elevate the look of your suit.

5. Pins

Pins can easily be the statement accessories for your suit. In fact, if you are a little fashion-forward and you have no issues going for an editorial style, you can combine different pins on your jacket to show off your unique personality. It can even function as a form of identification or to show your affiliation to an organization or cause.

6. Classic watch

This has always been part of a gentleman’s wardrobe and it’s one of the pieces that can complete the look of your suit. There are two popular classic watches: leather strap watches with a simple dial, and steel strap ones, which are often called ‘weekend watches.’

If you are quite traditional and you prefer vintage timepieces, do consider a pocket watch. It definitely makes for a more interesting accessory for your tailor-made suit.

7. Suspenders

These are perfect for dress pants with no belt loops. If you want to prevent your pants from slipping down especially after losing weight, suspenders are the smart solution.

Another nice thing about suspenders is they do a fantastic job of making sure your pants fit even when they are slightly loose. They help smooth out your tuck, but they perform this job without being seen because no one can see your suspenders when you have the jacket on.

These are just seven of the best accessories to invest in if you own a tailor-made suit. You can rely on these pieces to make your suit look really special even when you are mixing and matching by pairing the jacket with a funky Afro shirt or wearing the dress pants with a handsome sweater.


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