Bobbleheads – How Long Does It Take To Make A Bobblehead?

For most bobblehead makers, creating a custom bobblehead is not a simple thing to do. Some artists require a lot of time to ensure that the end product looks as detailed as possible as the photo that becomes the base of the figure. However, the good and experienced artists can make it much quicker depending […]

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Bandung Tourist Information

The capital town, Bandung is an exceptional place for a few severe sightseeing and is so popular with local Indonesians that many Javans from Jakarta heads in the weekend. Guided tours of Bandung are available and advocated, and take tourists around town and to Garut and Pangandaran in the event, and you have the time. […]

Wonderful Indonesia

4 Reasons Why Everyone Need To Go to Lake Toba

Indonesia has many intriguing destinations to see across the archipelago, but Lake Toba has been in the limelight for a while now. Why? Earlier this year, President Jokowi educated several relevant ministries to accelerate the development of Lake Toba as he believes the Northern Sumatra’s lake could become the”Monaco of Asia”. With this job, the […]


Five Tips to Keep in Mind when Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring for Her

When it comes to engagement rings, you want to get it right. An engagement ring symbolizes the bond you have with the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with. That is why you must spend time doing your homework before making the final purchase. The buying process is a unique experience […]


Sandblaster Tips: Staying Safe Around Airborne Dust And Other Hazardous Material

Employers often search for ways to be more environmentally sound, which is why sandblasters are typically chosen. Proper training on how to use the devices, however, sometimes gets lost in the implementation process. The result of such negligence on the part of the employer is exposure to the many hazards associated with sandblasting, which are […]