Diamond Pendants: The Definitive Buying Guide

A diamond pendant is the perfect gift for any special occasion. If you want to ensure that you are getting the best and most beautiful diamond pendant for your money, this buying guide will tell you everything you need to know.

The Basics

A diamond pendant is a type of necklace with a central diamond that is attached to the chain by a small clasp, or loop, to a jewelry chain (usually made from gold or platinum). The word pendant comes from the Latin word “pendere” and Old French word “pendr”—both words mean “to hang down.” It is common for diamond pendants to be given as a symbol of love.

How Do You Determine the Length of the Chain? 

The length of the chain largely depends on the personal preference of your loved one and what chain lengths are offered at the vendor. A chain is generally between 16 to 24 inches, with the most popular length being 18 inches.

  • 16-inch chain: A chain of this length will rest above the sternum.
  • 18-inch chain: A chain of this length will rest at the sternum, or near it.
  • 22-inches to 24-inches: A chain of this length will rest lower than the sternum.

Remember the most important thing to consider is the style of the person who you are buying the necklace for. If you are unsure of what style they like, then measure the chain lengths of necklaces that they already own.

What Are the Popular Styles and Settings?

There are different types of precious metals available for the chain and pendant. Because of its durability, 14K or 18K gold is a popular choice. Gold comes in different colors—yellow, rose and white—and your loved one probably has a favorite type that you should consider when buying a diamond pendant. Another common metal used for pendants is platinum; however, platinum is more expensive than gold.

The two most popular setting styles are prong settings and halo settings.

  • Prongs: This setting allows the most light to shine through the diamond and reflect back toward the eye.
  • Halo: This setting is where the main diamond is encircled by surrounding mini pave diamonds.

When Should You Buy Diamond Pendants?

Diamond pendants are stunning, memorable gifts for many special occasions. Because of their classic design and beauty, diamond pendants remain in families for many generations.

The following special occasions are perfect opportunities to get your loved one a diamond necklace:

  • Wedding anniversary
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays
  • Graduation (high school, undergraduate school, graduate school, law school)
  • Celebration of a milestone
  • Birthday
  • Birth of a child
  • Promotion at work
  • Wedding day gift (for the bride, mother-in-law, mother, grandmother, maid of honor)

If you are looking for the best diamond necklace money can buy, then look to this guide for answers.