Dressing Up in A Cocktail Dress Now Made Easy to All:

Cocktail dresses were customised for the elite class ladies in the 19th century. As time flew by, those rituals became obsolete, and everyone now owns a cocktail dress that is just not meant for special occasions but all other similar events as well. They usually follow the theme of a party or go simple yet chic. If you too have been invited to such one party, you do not need to frown upon the host as you have this simple guide to dress up in one of those dreamy attires. You can also apply the Popcherry coupon codes to avail discounts on their website.

  1.    The Classic LBD:

An LBD is a must-have for every woman out there. It saves you from almost every problem when it comes to dressing up. If you cannot think of any outfit to sport on any event, this is your go-to buddy. LBDs make you look classy and elegant irrespective of your size or height. Wear nude heels with it, and you are good to go. Remember, nude heels give off an illusion of being extra tall.

  1.    The Jumpsuit:

Yes, you can wear a jumpsuit to a cocktail party with ease. They are statement pieces now and do have a notch above any casuals. Just do not end showing up in denim because that would take all the points back from you. These parties are a place to show off your elite side and dance all night long without feeling inferior to anybody else. Remember that it is still better to be a bit overdressed for an event than to be one of the outlines of the party.

  1.    Statement Jewellery:

Keep something in mind, do not overindulge in jewellery while dressing up for a cocktail party as that might make you look downright funny. Cocktail dresses are enigmatic creations, and chunks of jewellery do not look good with them. It is always advisable to go with some statement pieces like a simple platinum neckpiece or two diamond studs or maybe a giant rock on your finger for the show-off. Keeping things classy is the mantra here. Going overboard with jewellery not only decreases the classy appeal of the look, but it also makes the couture look pale.

  1.    The Shoe-Show:

Choosing the right shoe takes a lot of patience and brains. Showing up in the wrong pair of shoes is a disaster. Okay, you need not to worry much, as we are here to guide you through. Wear a nice pair of stilettos to go with your attire. Do not go to flats or flipflops. Yes, I agree you should wear what makes you comfortable, but flip-flops or sandals shall make your fabric look dull, and you surely won’t be comfortable enough to accept that. If you are not comfortable wearing high heels, instead, pencil heels, you, of course, have the option of choosing a wedge. They are platformed and cut out for utter comfort. Dance the night away without pain. How cool is that?

  1.    The Baggy Affair:

Go with a nice evening clutch in washed golden or silver sequins. Do NOT take your regular totes or work bag to a cocktail party. That will simply demean your entire look. You will surely not want to look like a naive teenager among all other fashionable people, will you? You have to maintain the class throughout and let all your clothing items speak volumes about themselves. Hence, you need to keep certain things in mind while dressing up. As I said, no matter how easy the pulling-off-the-look part seems, the dressing up part is not the same. Just imagine if somebody did that to your party, how would you feel? Well, you got “your” answer to that, yourself.

  1.    Keep The Length Right:

Keeping the length of your dress right is very important. You should look out for the hemline that it is not too low as this is not an evening out with your friends. There can be other relatives as well whom you don’t like to offend. And it is not about annoying people; it is about YOU maintaining your class. Again, you cannot wear your princess outfit with long trails to a cocktail party. You should keep the length confined to above your knees and not below that.

Keeping these points in mind, you shall not face any issues answering your what-to-wear and how-to-wear questions. Just go by these guidelines and make sure to seize the night with all that sass!