Good Reasons to Invest in Fine Quality Pearls

Costume jewelry is good but at times a woman needs to wear fine quality pearls. Pearls are glamorous and offer endless possibilities of creating a stunning, sophisticated and feminine feel. They fall in fine jewelry category along with emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond.

Good reasons to invest in fine quality pearls

Fine quality pearls can last for generations

Pearls have been associated with romantic legends and have been an ultimate symbol of wealth, power and strength for ages. Pearls with thick nacre and luster defines the quality of the different types like Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea. These are all cultured in a pearl farm and the nacre thickness will decide the durability.

For example, if you choose Akoya strand that is very light then it is low quality. It is because nacre layer is very thin. Majority of weight you feel is coming from beads. To learn about pearl grading visit this site. Proper care will make high quality pearls last for generations.

Pearls can be worn on any occasion

Pearl jewelry can be worn in many ways. For example, lustrous freshwater pearl strand can add elegance instantly to your outfit. Be creative in layering to build depth and shine. This can be exciting and impactful.

Pearl studs are perfect wearable pieces suitable for any occasion. South Sea pearl and exotic black ones can be a showstopper for anniversaries, weddings and black-tie dinners.

Create memories

As you add every pearl jewelry in your collection, it will represent your life journey. Overtime, every piece in the jewelry box conveys a story. This pearl jewelry will survive to tell your story for generations.

Fine jewelry gifts hold sentimental value

Gifted jewelry displays love and appreciation. A couple’s 30th wedding anniversary is called ‘Pearl wedding anniversary’. It is also the birthstone of those born in June. It is not necessary to wait for such symbolic days to wear these stunning gems. It is a versatile gem that can range from classic to ultra-contemporary.

If you choose to buy pearls designed using gold or silver or platinum then make sure it has hallmark, which means the precious metal holds right purity.