Start a Pearl Jewelry Collection with a Statement Piece from Mikimoto

From the mysterious new birth of a pearl to the care that is pains taking in harvesting, sorting and matching, the 20 years following Kokichi Mikimoto achievement in cultivation the world’s first refined pearl. Then Mikimoto became recognised for his first “Black South Sea pearl” from in a farm inearl 1900s, and the pearl industry was revolutionizing forever. The creation of Mikimoto pearl necklace requires the utmost technical skill as well as artistry at every phase.

Each strand

Each of a mikimoto pearl necklace cultured strand as a work of art that is born from the mystery of the sea. Creation of these necklace strands requires implausible skill, craftsmanship and judgement. The journey starts with a demanding selection process, selecting the very best quality pearls.

Mikimoto’s jewelry

Mikimoto’s pearl necklace is one of the most beautiful pearl jewelry that a woman can own. These pieces are expensive but often you can find a bargain at an estate sale or a going out of business sale.

Statement pieces

If you are a woman who wants to be noticed at a party or the theatre, it is advised that you have at least one of two pieces of Mikimoto pearl jewelry – perhaps a necklace, bracelet, or pearl earrings. This can be the statement pieces for your jewelry collection.

Older pieces

A nice piece of Mikimoto jewelry would be a piece from the early 1900 when cultured pearls were begun to be farmed by mikimoto. These older pieces of pearl jewelry are some of the most beautiful pearls in the world. You can possibly find one at an estate sale, inheritance from a member of your family or even a gift on your wedding day or some other important occasion. This quickly becomes a family heirloom to be handed down generation to generation.


Always remember the finest pearl jewelry you can find is something from the Mikimoto company or Mikimoto collection so always have your attention looking for one of these pieces. No matter how expensive the piece is, it will be well worth the money spent and then you will have a piece to give your daughter or daughter in law on her wedding day.