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Why are T Shirts the Most Classic Gift Choice Among All?

Companies strive and thrive keeping their brand image in our customer’s mind. They spend a fortune on a yearly basis to accomplish the same. The reason behind this is, people are seeking a solution to address a particular need, desire or problem, on a daily basis. If your company provides a solution for the same, then the customer becomes loyal to you. And this can be achieved by involving in activities like seminars, meetings, social media, Concept Plus produits promotionnels and so much more. When it comes to gifting a promotional item, make sure it is useful and can be used for a long time. One of the classic choices are t shirts. We have listed some tips on choosing the right type of t shirt make sure your customers use your gift, raising the brand recall.

  • Cheap out, value in

Gone are the days when cheap was deemed sold. People today make a direct association with the giver and the gift itself. When you give out a cheap t shirt, the color fades after 5 washes, this is a bad way to make a brand recall. And this is not the purpose of sending out the gifts in the first place. Ensure that you gift t shits when your budget allows and you can spend extra on a good quality product. Eventually, this just has to justify a certain ROI.

  • Selecting the right fabric

Choose a fabric that adds extra comfort. The bio wash t shirts are in trend for the same reason. Bio wash makes the cloth smoother, prevents pilling, provides permanent color and lets your skin to breathe. Also, it is a nature friendly technique, gentle to your skin, keeps the allergies at bay that can be caused by fabrics when they are washed with chemicals.

  • Keep the boredom at bay

When you are in love with the brand logo and are even paying money for it, eventually you have to keep in mind that to get your brand visible as widely as possible. This can only be done when you keep your logo in a size that is visible, yet not overdone and adding a cool graphic will align it even further to the user’s preference of your t shirt, not only that can be worn at work, but casually as well, making it more stylish.