Why PU suits Mens Slippers?

The Indian footwear companies are engrossed in casual placed on getting a business of 61%. Useful for leisure activities, the casual footwear segment includes boots, sandals, slippers, sports footwear etc.

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Within the u . s . states, around 58%, the footwear usage is included having a mans population. The most frequent footwear employed by them could be the slippers.

PU Mens Slipper

PU Mens Slipper

Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter of PU Mens Slipper by Shoe Art India

These cozy, comfortable, quick and simple to utilize footwear will be the most produced item with the Indian footwear industry. Of many materials found in producing slippers, it’s Memory (PU) that’s gaining ground.

The PU artificial leather is broadly found in automotive industries and fashion industries. In India, it is the footwear industry this is the finest user from the material. The federal government is supporting its usage by searching into making the PU industry important sector and offering benefits within the production.

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Slippers and PU:

The polymer PU has several special benefits which will make the PU Mens Slippers suppliers, manufacturers and finished customers prefer it. Listed below are the benefits of PU.

  1. Designing Ease:

Like a flexible material, slippers in a number of designs might be created through the use of PU. Numerous designs mean better customer acquisition with the PU Mens Slipper Supplier.

  1. Resistance against Heat:

The polymer can be a thermosetting polymer. Meaning it does not melt when heated. This augurs well for just about any tropical country like India which has high summer time time temperatures.

  1. Comfortability:

Typically materials like rubber, leather, ethylene vinyl acetate (Avoi) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are employed in manufacturing mens slippers. But, they’re being substituted with PU due to its superior comfortability. PU is foamy anyway then when useful for a slipper it offers a gentle and cushiony effect for the user.

  1. Stability:

For your user, the PU based slippers provide great stability. Unlike rubber and leather-based slippers which are rigid, the PU slipper is bendable while offering stability during lateral movements in the foot.

  1. Durability:

Even though the materials are soft and foamy, it’s durable and resistance against abrasions. The tight connecting in the organic compounds inside the PU does not break easily due to friction. This property helps to make the material last a bit longer. When found in slippers, common issues like sole breaking, flattening in the sole due to abrasion etc., might be avoided.